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We are a family that aims to enrich lives & social prosperity by enabling innovation, diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities for all.

Our Mission

Economic participation and Financial independence are central to any person with disabilities(PWDs) and able-body community sense of social inclusion. This is complemented by social participation and engagement through activities that link people to a richly diverse community.

We in Emplified are aware that there’s desire for a holistic approach to service provision as central to their sense of belonging, access and inclusion. Access to resources; opportunities; communication; and a sense of safety in accessing services.

Why are we doing this?

Social inclusion involves feeling accepted within your local community and being able to contribute to society in a meaningful way, through participation in mainstream activities and exercising basic rights. We noticed that many people have experienced persistent social exclusion.

Through our Emplified services, programs and offering, we aim and to support people to reconnect, build sustainable and meaningful ties within the community, family and friends.

Here's how you can help

We aim and hope to assist people in areas of job, education, training, resource development, health and wellbeing to achieve a sense of social inclusion and integration within the society.

Hence it's of paramount importance that society and we in Emplified will need to draw on lived experiences, perspectives, values and opinions as then we together continue to develop our social inclusion service response, strategic focus and practice.
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